About Our Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) Products
Mind Alive Inc. has been designing, developing, researching and manufacturing Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) devices since 1984. These AVE devices send flashes of lights using a pair of eyesets and pulses of tones through a pair of headphones to gently guide the brain into altered states of consciousness.

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Brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain. Each of our senses (vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing) respond to activity from the environment and transmit that information to the brain. The senses of sight and hearing, by their very nature, provide a favorable mechanism to influence brainwaves. By presenting this pulsed audio and visual stimulation to the brain, after a short period of time, the brain begins to resonate, or entrain, at the same frequency as the stimulus. With the DAVID devices,  we can slow down the brainwaves for meditating, inducing dream states and improving sleep. The DAVID can also be used to speed up brainwaves to help with improving mood, enhancing mental performance and boosting creativity.

In addition to entrainment, the imagery created by the visual and auditory stimulation provides a focus for the mind and quiets internal dialogue or chatter. The various areas of the brain begin to integrate into one whole functioning unit like the masters of meditation. With the DAVID, it is normal for most people to experience that same peace and tranquility of a meditator with only a half hour of use with any of the DAVIDs.

AVE is not only valuable for clinical use, but it has done wonders for increasing peak performance. Former Mr. Olympia - Bodybuilder Frank Zane states,  "I'm in the best shape of my life, and one reason is mind machines." Golfer Rocky Thompson attributes his winning of the PGA to using the DAVID Paradise. Sports Psychologist Tom Hawes has used the DAVID Paradise in training several golfers in the LPGA. Christine Boudrais attributed her Silver Medal at the Lillihammer Olympics to using the DAVID Paradise for relaxing and visualizing.

Michael Hutchison, author of Megabrain, states, "In fact, out of all the mind machines I have evaluated, the DAVID is the one that I keep by my bed for my own light and sound/audio-visual entrainment sessions."

We are continuously researching the effectiveness of using the DAVID for a wide variety of applications, allowing us to prove the technology and secure patents for those applications.

We have combined years of market research and product development to offer you products with features and benefits not seen on "light and sound" devices (which are usually made for entertainment, not entrainment). All of our DAVIDs meet the necessary Power, Consistency, Frequency and Psychological Compatibility Rules, which are crucial in order for brainwave entrainment to occur effectively and safely. This makes the DAVID devices the most powerful and versatile portable AVE devices on the market today.

Epileptics and Photo-Epileptics should NOT use any DAVID without the consent of their physician. Persons with a history of brain seizures, mental disorders or alcohol and/or drug abuse should also not use the DAVID unless first consulting their medical doctor.

The DAVID is not recognized as a treatment or cure of any medical condition or disability. However, research suggests that the DAVID is an effective relaxation and meditation tool.





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Exchanges and Returns
Returns on purchases must be within 30 days of original purchase date. Video tapes, audio-cassette tapes, CDs and software cannot be returned if the plastic seals have been broken. When returning an item, please contact our office to obtain an authorization number and receive the proper shipping instructions. All returns are subject to a maximum of a 15% restocking charge.